Other Plantations

CIN: U01119KL1962SGC001997

Other PlantationsThe Plantation Corporation of Kerala Ltd.

The main crop, rubber, cashew and oil palm the company cultivates cinnamon, arecanut, garcenia, coconut, teak etc. as trial crop in certain plantations to utilise the vacant land patches, interspaces in the estates in an effective and intensve way.

Present aim is to further utilize all the possible vacant land and interspaces with new economic crops like jatropha (for bio diesel production) and other tree borne oil yielding plants, essential oil yielding plants, medicinal plants, vegetables for seed production, multipurpose tree species and so on.

Plantation Valley The Farm Resort

One more tourist destination was added to Kerala Tourism when the state's first eco-friendly farm resort "Plantation Valley" was launched at Athirappilly near Chalakudy in 2002 by the Plantation Corporation of Kerala.