Oilpalm Plantations

CIN: U01119KL1962SGC001997

Oilpalm PlantationsThe Plantation Corporation of Kerala Ltd.

The Company have 705 Ha. of oil palm plantation in its Kalady Group of Estates. It lies along the banks of Chalakudy river. With its panoramic view these plantations are the attraction of tourists to Sholayar Valley and Athirapilly.

Major part of the Plantations is installed with drip irrigation system. 422 Ha. of the plantation has come to yielding and another 283 Ha. is expected to reach yield level in the next years.

Plantation Valley The Farm Resort

One more tourist destination was added to Kerala Tourism when the state's first eco-friendly farm resort "Plantation Valley" was launched at Athirappilly near Chalakudy in 2002 by the Plantation Corporation of Kerala.